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Ninfield is lucky in having a Bowling Green on the recreation ground.  It was moved from its original place by the school to the present position in 1929   It is not known how long The Bowling Club has been in existence.

055 img121 Quoita 1914 Football52


The game of Quoits was initially a pub game. These Ninfield gentlemen, look as if they took the game very


Ninfield Football team of 1952

TheHunt P7210129 CricketTeam50

Ninfield Cricket Team at the turn of the Century.

Todays Cricket Team in action on the pitch with the Pavilion in the background.

The Hunt  

photo taken sometime in the 1950's

JumpingHorse stoolball bat



Stoolball was well established as a game in 1450 when it was forbidden to be played in Churchyards. Thought to have originated by milkmaids using their milking stools as wickets, it was probably a forerunner of Cricket. Primarily played by women in Sussex, Kent and the south, it now has a recognised governing body, Stoolball England.  


Ninfield has a long association with the game and took part in many events.  



Stoolball bat belonging to

Mrs H Packham

A young Diana Pilbeam taking part in the once annual Horse Show on the Village Green

img321 stoolballteam 2

      Ninfield School Stoolball Team 1925

football Mr Ted Hills

Mr Ted Hills who was instrumental in setting up the Ninfield United footbal team

cricket 1938 comp flight lieutenant A J Homes catain sussex county cricket XI 1938

Flight Lieut A J Holmes

Sussex County Eleven


He later became Chairman of the English Test Selection Commttee.

Opening day at the Sparke Pavillion 30th April 1938

Back row Left to right

S R Munn (Umpire), T Bruce, J Nye, J Cornford, C Oakes, J H Barnes, A Woodgate (Umpire)

Front row Left to rght

J Parks, W O'Byrne, R G Stainton, J Langridge, H Parkes

aireal330 IMG_1933


The Keith Collett Memorial Cup   competitiion is held in the Working Mens Club on the first Monday of the month in memory of Keith.