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NLHG Newsletter Archive


August 2015




Kitchenham Farm, Ashburnham: Excavations by the Sussex Archaeological Society at Kitchenham farm have discovered traces of a Roman road leaving the site. They also found evidence of a cremation burial, the remains of iron workings and what would appear to be a wooden beam-slot building, all dating from Roman times. Beam Slots are the empty spaces left behind when a wooden post or beam has rotted away in the ground. The spaces get filled up with soil after the wood has rotted. Archaeologists can still find the spaces because the soil inside is looser and often a different colour. We know there was a lot of activity in this area during the Roman period, for example the Roman Fort at Pevensey.  In 340 the site was an island surrounded by the sea and salt marsh, and connected to the mainland by a small land bridge on the western side. The oval shape of the island dictated the shape of the fort, which was quite a departure from the usual rectangular shaped forts. The fort is mentioned in two Roman documents, including the "Notitia Dignitatum" (Register of Offices, a survey of administrative structure), where it is listed as Anderidos.The purpose of the fort was to defend the coast against Saxon raids, though it eventually fell to a Saxon advance on land from the west in 491, when the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle states that “every Briton sheltering within the fort (named as Andredesceaster) was slaughtered”. Much of the damage to the Roman walls that we see today is probably due as much to the marshy ground as the result of battle damage. However, Simon de Montfort did manage to bring down a length of the Roman wall in 1264-65.


Forthcoming meetings: 7.30pm in the Methodist Hall unless state otherwise


August                  NO MEETING

September 12th   Exhibition at the Memorial Hall £2 entry children free.    

More details to follow

September 17th   Twittens & Cat Creeps in Hastings Old Town Clive Richardson

October 15th        Sussex & the Napoleonic Wars by Helen Poole

November 19th    A Sussex Farm During the 1950s with Ian Everest

December 17th    Christmas Social details to be confirmed


Other Events:


Bexhill Museum: another outing on Wed, 12 August, 08:30 – 18:30 to the Royal Savill Gardens, Windsor Great Park.

The 35 acres include National Collections and rare species and was created in the 1930's by Sir Eric Savill with support from King George V and Queen Mary. Lunch and afternoon tea is included in the cost as well as a boat trip along the Thames to Windsor and return. First pick-up 8.30 am £48 per person. For more information please call 01424 846369

reasonable £35 per person. Call Bexhill 846369 for further details.


Hastings Museum & Art Gallery:

On Sunday 9th August 3pm a piano recital,

With music by Chopin, Prokofiev, Debussy and Albeniz performed by Howard Southern.

Tickets are £6 in advance from Hastings History House or at the door.

Proceeds go to Old Hastings Preservation Society



Ninfield Carnival:

Unfortunately there won’t be a carnival this year, due to the rebuilding of the Sparke pavilion.  

Judging by the History Group photographic archives, the residents of Ninfield have always enjoyed dressing up.  Even the Head Master used to take part.  In fact Alfred Ridel, the Head Master at Ninfield School from 1921 to 1946, won first prize in 1936 for his decorated pram.  His entry was a pram-load of babies, entitled ‘Ninfield’s quintuplets’.

In the past there were separate categories for decorated prams and for decorated bicycles.  For the celebrations to mark the coronation of King George V, in 1910, Doris Sargent decorated her bicycle to resemble a swan

Hopefully there will be a carnival next year; perhaps decorated prams and bicycles could be reintroduced?



Group Contacts:


Rod Ffoulkes (Chair)  Tel: 893635, Janice Wood (Secretary) & Martin Wood (Treasurer) Tel: 892895,   Corinne Gibbons (Membership) Tel: 892612, Jan Cooper (Archivist)  Tel: 893381, Liz Darbyshire Tel: 893575, Janet Savage Tel: 892749, John Cheshire (Newsletter)  Tel: 892248.