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Group Contacts:


Rod Ffoulkes (Chair)  Tel: 893635, Janice Wood (Secretary) & Martin Wood (Treasurer) Tel: 892895,   Corinne Gibbons (Membership) Tel: 892612, Jan Cooper (Archivist)  Tel: 893381,

Liz Darbyshire Tel: 893575, Janet Savage Tel: 892749, John Cheshire (Newsletter)  Tel: 892248.                  


Season’s Greetings! December 2014


Tracing Family History: Our November meeting was a departure from the usual single speaker format. Instead we had a Family History Workshop which proved to be really interesting. Liz, Rod, Janet S, Jan C & John did short presentations on how they had used different methods and resources to trace their ancestors (family photos, bibles, birthmarriage-death

certificates, on-line records etc). Many other members brought along family items, records, stories and histories, Diana brought along a magnificent Pilbeam family tree. Jan C brought lots of information and records from our archives. After the talks, members had an opportunity to look at all the items people had brought and chat to each other about the rewards and pitfalls encountered in doing family history research. It was clear from the recollections of those who began researching in the pre-internet era when it was necessary to trawl through huge volumes of records up in London, that thing have become much easier these days. However, it was agreed that there is nothing quite like seeing the original record where ever possible. If YOU want some help to get started with looking at your family history or if you have a specific question about an ancestor but do not have access to the internet please contact John (892248).


Forthcoming meetings: 7.30pm in the Methodist Hall unless stated otherwise:

December 18th 2014  Christmas Social at 2.30 pm. until 4.00 pm.

January 15th 2015     The History of the Bluebell Railway by David Jones

February 19th 2015    Sussex Characters-Wacky, Weird & Wonderful by Chris McCooey

March 19th 2015         Strange Goings-on in the Sussex Borough of Winchelsea

                                    by Malcolm Pratt

April 16th 2015           AGM with a talk by Kevin Gordon on “The Lost Village of Tidemills”

May 21st 2015            Witches, Warlocks & Wellingtons by Dr Janet Pennington











NLHG Christmas Social

Thursday 18th December from 2.30 – 4.00 pm. in the Methodist Hall. Fun & Games, carols, together with a festive

quiz! The event is free for members. Food and drinks will be provided but if you would like to contribute some food please

let Jan Wood know in advance (01424 892895).


From the Bexhill Museum....

Sat, 6th December, 4pm to 5pm.

A Winter Magic Lantern Show, featuring

vintage slides with a festive theme. A

great event for families, the show will be

on in the Education Room of the Museum.




This term at Ninfield School the history project in Year 6 was entitled “The Victorians”.

The aims of the project were to enhance the children’s knowledge and understanding of life in

Victorian Ninfield. Year 6 were given an illustrated presentation of different aspects of village life in

Victorian times and topics covered included: farming, transport, shops & businesses, education,

church & chapel, sporting and leisure activities. The children used this information to produce their

own fact sheets and art work which have been displayed in their classroom and in Ninfield Memorial

Hall at the Afternoon of Local History event organised by NHLG. David, Jan C and Liz took the lead

with this work and delivered the information dressed in character as Thomas Avery Weston (the

Headmaster of the school when it was in Prospect House) and Agnes Wrenn (shop keeper at

Morhouse in Lower Street). A group of our members will be helping the children make Victorian

Christmas Cards using cross stitch early in December. The project will conclude with a Diamond Jubilee Party for everyone involved. Feedback from parents has been phenomenal and the work

that our Local History Group does at the school is greatly appreciated. A group of children have

done research into the school Log Books from 1875 to 1897 Here are some extracts from the

school’s Log Book entered by Head Teacher Henry Nutley in 1875:

Jan 4

th Number of attendees small on account of severity of the weather.

29th A great number of children ill.

Feb 12th Great number of children absent with bad colds.

April 2

nd School closed for two weeks on account of my having an attack of


May 7

th A number of children away shaving hop poles.

June 4

th The Sanitary Inspector called and reported that everything was


June 18th I have the ague.

June 21st Received notice that Her Majesty’s Inspector will examine the

school on 29th of this month.

July 8

th A number of children absent haymaking and fruit gathering.

15th A very wet day only 19 children present.

Nov 19th School closed on Monday & Tuesday on account of high tide

washing away and damaging Master’s house.

Dec 10th Scarcely a child at school the whole week on account of the very deep snow.


A Photo From The Archives: A NATS production of Dick Whittington and his Cat from 1979. Keith Wells recently donated lots

of original programmes so we know that the cast included:

Jacqueline Willmott-Parkins as Dick, Tracey Collins as Tommy the cat, Paul Goodyear as Alderman

Fitzwarren. Other cast members include: Pauline Hutley, Patricia Catt, Viola Pont, Daphne Powne,

Malcolm Wrenn, Iris Brett, Eileen Davidson, Ann Rider, Glen Sargent, Cedric Gillham, Marie

Broughton, Diana Adams, Mandy Godden, Irene Oberheim, Brenda Haffenden, Susan Pont,

Jennifer Collett, Debbie Hurst & Sheila Rudd.





































Group Contacts:

Rod Ffoulkes (Chair) Tel: 893635, Janice Wood (Secretary) & Martin Wood

(Treasurer) Tel: 892895, Corinne Gibbons (Membership) Tel: 892612, Jan Cooper (Archivist) Tel: 893381,

Liz Darbyshire Tel: 893575, Janet Savage

Tel: 892749, John Cheshire (Newsletter) Tel: 892248.