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January 2014


    Hello All, Our Best Wishes for a Happy and Healthy New Year!


For the 2014 Newsletters, we’ve taken a change in format, which we hope you will like! Each Committee Member will be updating on what has been happening during the past month, and future projects they may have planned. Firstly, here’s the upcoming programme for 2014:


JANUARY 16th 2014      Talk by Kevin Regan on the Old Toll Road System.

February 20th                 Jan Cooper & Liz Darbyshire A talk on the Lost Shops of Ninfield with help from some NLHG members.

March 20th                      Talk by Ian Everest (subject to be confirmed)

April 17th                        Annual General Meeting with talk by John Cheshire on Cyril Wells’ photos

May 15th                         Talk on Farming in the Ninfield Area

June 19th                        Talk on 70th Anniversary of D Day and the V1 Campaign over Sussex (Provisional).

July 17th                         Possible Hooe and Ninfield joint meeting.


Thanks to all our Members who attended our Social Afternoon on Thursday, a great time was had, singing, party games and generally having a relaxed time, helped by some mulled wine and plenty of minced pies and party food. 2014 is an important year for us, as we have to be self financing without any Lottery Grant. Fortunately through careful management of our finances, we do start with a reasonably healthy amount in the bank, mainly due to the support our Exhibition and publications have had throughout the village. So it’s not just our Members, but we have a considerable amount of support from all in Ninfield, so “Thank You” all.


One aspect that we do have to face (and why we have adopted the “new look”) is to encourage more people to come forward to help with planning and organisation. It was apparent during 2013 that it was the Committee that were involved in all aspects and quite frankly, there needs to be a greater spread if we are to even consider anything as ambitious as last year. That’s why we are spreading the load with Reports from various committee members, and we do ask if any of you has special interests or want to help shadow any committee member, then please get in touch. This is run FOR you, so let us know what it is YOU want.


Rod, as Chairman, has overseen our individual activities during the year, guiding and assisting where necessary, and his control over the many disparate aspects is appreciated.

Corinne announced that we now have 40 full Members! Not bad progress in 2 years!

Martin has been carefully husbanding our resources, such that we start the New Year with a reasonably healthy balance in the bank, more than most of us anticipated, so his stewardship has been a great part of our viability. Simply put, we don’t want to be a “One Year” wonder, to arrive with a flourish and then disappear. We need your help to avoid that. In addition, Janice has ably recorded the Minutes at our Meetings. David and John organised our involvements with Ninfield School, principally Year 5, and glowing reports are in the local Observer editions.


Liz writes: I went to the School Victory Party on Thursday, with Esme, Vernon, Jan C, Rod and David. The party was in the style of a street party, but in the classroom. The children sat at long tables and ate food they had prepared in the morning, including jam sandwiches and jelly. They asked Esme and Vernon whether they could remember the celebrations in 1945, but neither of them could remember them clearly. However, they did tell the children about the type of food they had to eat during the war, like powdered egg and food which wasn't available, like bananas. The children gave a demonstration of "Lindy Hop" dancing and sang several war time songs. It was a good afternoon and everyone seemed to be having fun.

Jan and I have printed off a few more copies of the Ninfield Oldest Houses book, in preparation for sale at the party on Thursday. Tomorrow Jan C and I will start working on the "Photos with People", to create shadow outlines to make it easier to identify who is in the pictures and what position they are in.


Jan C writes: We have sold out of Ninfield Calendars. This has proved to be a very popular item, but next year we will make a lot more.

We have had an enquiry from Australia about  the Crouch family. An Adrian Crouch who is a descendent of Steven Crouch, one of four sons of Isaac Crouch, who all left for Australia in 1840-1855. Can anyone  give info on the following:-


1. Is there anyone called Crouch, or a descendent of a Crouch, living in  Ninfield today?

2. Does anyone know where Bridgers Lane was in Ninfield? It is mentioned in the 1851 Census.

3. Does anyone have any photos of a member of the Crouch families? Apart from The old Verger, Christian Crouch and his son Joseph which is in Barry Symes book.

If so, can you email Jan Cooper on Many thanks.

Jan and John also migrated our website to new software and it is a great improvement, so thanks for their hard work, it is most appreciated.


Don’t forget to visit our website at as we are constantly putting on more information.

2014 is also the 75th Anniversary of the start of WW2, and also the 70th Anniversary of the D Day landings in Normandy, and the V1 flying bomb campaign. 12 Ninfield related people died in WW2.

There were thriving Clubs and Societies in the village previously, and we’d like to document all the Societies so that we can trace those involved as part of an ongoing project. Do you have photos or any memorabilia relating to them?

NEXT MEETING: 7: 30 16th January at the Methodist Hall