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January 2013



We wish a Happy (and healthy) New Year to all our Members and to those prospective members looking to join THIS year!


We thought it would be good to start the year with a little fun and entertainment with a light hearted Quiz Night. Bring your friends, family and neighbours. Posters are around the Village on Noticeboards but due to small tables, teams will be a maximum of four. (We can help fit you into teams if you are short of one or two!) Admission: £1 per Member and £2 a head for Guests.


7:30 Start on Thursday 17th January at the Reading Room in Church Lane (as if you didn’t know!) It’s a Bring Your Own evening, for drink, and why not bring along some finger food snacks as well, to share around? Tea and coffee will be available during the interval as usual. Come along and shake off those winter blues!


With our successful Heritage Lottery Grant we want to make an early start on recording the oral history of village events and personalities, and to do this we will need assistance in setting up these sessions in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, probably with a friend to help stir those memory cells.


Please let us know who you feel would be good sources of memories of the village and contact Rod or any Committee member on the phone numbers below. A convenient date and place (probably your own home) can then be arranged. We are sure that there is a whole wealth of stories waiting to be set down before it is too late


To keep up to date with what the NLHG have planned for the year, plus check on the continual uploading of more pages of information, please now bookmark the NLHG website on your computers! Go to and have a rummage through what we have already set up, and keep checking for future updates! We also have a facebook page to cater for all tastes and abilities!


Drop us a message if you have anything of interest to add to what we have!


So, here we are, new year, new technology, website, facebook, tomorrow the world? Who knows, so come along and meet us to tell us what knowledge you have of your house, family or interesting aspects of Ninfield.


Don’t forget it’s you and your families that are creating the history for the future! Tell us about it now, before it’s lost forever.


For February are planning to update everyone on what we have recorded in a “Reminiscences Afternoon”. This will probably be at a weekend to enable as many people to come along as possible and find out just what memories have been recorded so far. The intention is to spark further information, photographs, documents etc to help amass a picture of how the village has been developing within living memory. The definite date will be announced shortly.


Another project that we feel will be of great interest is to produce an up to date Ninfield Village Map, as the last Map was produced a hundred years ago, so it would be a nice comparison to have a new “Centenary” map to display and present to the Parish Council in recognition of the help and encouragement they provide to all in the Village.


If you have anything to add or would like to comment on or any other aspect of Ninfield Past, please contact us!


Everyone is welcome to the regular 3rd Thursday in the month Meetings at the Reading Room in Church Lane. There is a charge of £1 for members and £2 for non-members to help cover the cost of refreshments and guest speakers. Annual membership costs £10 per person.


Our next Meeting is on THURSDAY JANUARY 17th at 7:30 pm at the Reading Room in Church Lane. It’s a QUIZ NIGHT, so guess what we will be doing!


We look forward to seeing you there, fit and rested and raring to crack on with all this exciting local research!!


If you have an email address, please contact Corinne our Membership Secretary, to ensure you receive the Newsletter and any other NLHG updates without delay.


We look forward to welcoming new members, at the meetings, by phone or on line, whichever suits you best. See YOU soon!



The other events provisionally in the pipeline for the coming year are:-


FEBRUARY (Date to be finalised) REMINISCENCES (Weekend Afternoon)


(A chance for all to see what we have done so far and to help participate in things to come.)


MARCH 21st Talk by the Manager, Ibstock Brickworks, Sidley


APRIL 18th NLHG Annual General Meeting ALL WELCOME!


Followed by a guest speaker talk regarding Sussex Customs


MAY (Date and route to be finalised) VILLAGE WALK, perhaps Beating the Bounds


JUNE 20th Bonfire Memories


JULY 18th Exhibition of progress and Carnival memories


AUGUST Summer and School Holiday Break








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